Praises for The ABRAXAS Series

“… Christine is a refreshing no-nonsense character, afraid of neither the living nor the undead, and full of down-to-earth integrity. If you love your vampire fiction full of conflict and romance, I recommend that you give the ABRAXAS books a read.”
~Nancy Kilpatrick, Author of “The Power of the Blood” series and “The Goth Bible”

“This is an engrossing and often extremely violent tale…The characters are well written and come to life on the page, and there is a great deal of action throughout the tale, as well as a moving love story.” ~ Coffee Time Romance

“I found myself drawn into Ms. Santiago’s dark tale. The Abraxas Series offers a different slant on the paranormal; it hits the ground running and keeps the reader enthralled. The characters are well rounded; the story telling will keep you in suspended anticipation.  It leaves you wanting more. Highly recommended!”
~ Corvis Nocturnum, Author of “Embracing the Darkness; Understanding Dark Subcultures” and “Promethean Flame”

“My first thoughts of this book; absolutely, freaking amazing. This is definitely a book for someone who is in touch with their bad side, and can appreciate the sexy, gothic side to life. I absolutely loved the characters.  If you are someone who is not afraid to read spicy material and allow your blood to heat up, then get cozy and read this book!”~ FrontStreetReviews.com

“Ms. Santiago adds a few new twists to the ever popular vampire genre and gives it a unique spin all its own. The way the story ends is a total surprise and very creative if not macabre.” ~ BittenByBooks.com

“Each book builds in intensity until the story explodes off the page and makes you eager for more…Romance is mingled with suspense and creepy situations, making this a gripping read. Sinister and attention grabbing, The ABRAXAS Series will definitely keep you entertained.” ~ Nights and Weekends

This is only a sampling of the kudos that THE ABRAXAS SERIES has received over the past year. To find out more about this dark vampire romance series, download free chapter excerpts, see reader reviews and view book trailers, visit


…and quench your thirsts for more original, vampire stories!



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