OTHER AUTHOR BOOK REVIEWS (Will be posted here and/or in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine)


ISBN: 0-7443-1048-2



A young woman named Chely Austin, has inherited a big eerie house from her grandfather, who has recently passed away. Unbeknown to her, it also sits right on the middle of a property line, the other half belonging to a Ty Walker. Determined to settle this forming dispute as to who-owns-what, they both begin searching for documents to prove the real owner.

Other evolving problems include a strange, magical object–a ‘witch bottle’–being found buried on the grounds. Unwittingly, it’s taken apart, and eerie, mysterious things start happening around the two of them. Making matters worse, skeletons of children’s bodies are also found buried around the house, and Chely does her best to avoid fingers being pointed at her deceased grandfather .

With the help of Ty’s grandmother, a good witch, they soon discover that a mysterious woman–The Lady in Red–is trying to torment them both–mostly Chely, and her torment will become deadly if they don’t put a stop to her. The Lady in Red has some horrible secrets of her own that will shock Chely once she finds out. Even Ty himself has a few secrets of his own that he’s reluctant to tell Chely about…

Ms. Marr has spun a creepy little supernatural mystery that will keep you hooked until the end, and I enjoyed reading the building tension between Chely and Ty. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen between them, and was glad it was resolved with a happy ending. ~~C.S.



ISBN 9781905636471

Don’t crap where you eat, sleep, or live. That crap is liable to develop a mind of its own and bite you in the ass. Hard.

A landfill site near the town of Shreve in England houses a dirty, growing secret that the town will have difficulty fathoming. The by-products of every bit of discarded waste–from bio-chemicals, offal, and junk [electronic, non-biodegradable, plastic or otherwise]–will aid in the birth of the fecalith, with the help of Mason Brand, a renowned photographer to the stars, who renounces his celebrated, shallow and glitzy lifestyle to live as a recluse in the peaceful, Welsh hills and wilderness, attuning himself with nature. Given how people are so divided, self-serving, rude and soulless towards each other these days, I could relate to Mason instantly.

There’s a medley of other characters in this book, reflecting life around Shreve–relationships gone bad as new ones unfold, sordid past lives threatened to be revealed, those seeking a better life only to sink lower into what they strive to avoid, and those feeling lost, alone, and trying to find purpose; a reason for living. All of these events are under the umbrella of the evolution of the fecalith, a mere small blob of wretched sewage and garbage from the landfill which Mason frequents, finding an odd solace there as well as a thrumming vibrancy within the earth. The blob makes its way to Mason’s home, and, realizing that this creature formed by nature must mean that the time has come for Mother Earth to purge herself of the imbalance caused by humans, Mason aids its growth by feeding it his own blood, graduating to hedgehogs, rabbits, cats, dogs, and eventually humans. As the fecalith grows to monstrous proportions; it calls forth its own legion of other fecaliths, a new order of life that will bring humanity to its knees, even after these beings are thought to have been destroyed by the National Guard. As they can never truly die, their essence lives on in the last surviving dregs of Shreve, that evolve into something more ghastly than the fecaliths themselves. It all comes to a horrific, apocalyptic circle by the third part of the book, and I guarantee you will never see landfills the same way again. My hat goes off to D’Lacey for knowing how to scare the hell out of mankind.



I had the guilty pleasure of nabbing and reading a preview copy of STAPLEGUN LOGIC by Ken Kupstis. The title alone was what caught my attention, and after checking out his website, I was even more curious, lol. This book is chock-full of poems, flash fiction and stories that will have you laughing your head off and/or cringing in mind-numbing horror. The preface of the book, “Who The Hell Needs Horror Fiction” is an awesome. tongue-in-cheek, in-your-face, raw truth about the bass-ackwards society we live in and refuse to admit. Moral: the life we live is the true horror, and fiction PALES in comparison.

If I was standing, the story of the same book’s title would have brought me to my knees. Staple Gun Logic tells the story of a drug-using, scuz-bucket who is determined to ‘prove’ that he’s a man–as well as his worthiness–to his hallucinogen-induced sex goddess (who happens to communicate to him via a poster in his room) by performing the ultimate ritual of pure insanity–injecting 666 staples into his body. The all-too vivid descriptions of how each staple is shot into his flesh is enough to make anyone scream or squirm! Although he succeeds, his lovely goddess–aka Lilith–comes to life with an even bigger task that may prove to be his utter demise–removing them all.

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this lovely medley of gruesome and shocking goodies! Due to be released this summer, and published by BLACK BED SHEET BOOKS (visit http://www.downwarden.com for details!), horror aficionados will get a real treat with this tome! ~~Cinsearae S. (review appeared in Spring 2009 issue of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine http://bloodtouch.webs.com/darkgothicmagazine.htm)

REVIEW: Eyes of Darkness 5: Spark of a Wolf By Christy Poff

Genre: Torrid Romance Paranormal

EBook formats ISBN: 978-1-59374-465-6

This book was an exciting police investigation story, as we find Detective Sean McMurray of the Aspen Police force–and former tracking and surveillance specialist for Special Forces–hunting down Adolph Gliickman, and Dustin Chyn, criminal masterminds behind a dangerous designer drug that’s still a work-in-progress. Their human guinea pigs are young women in their 20’s, with little to no family and loners that won’t be missed, as they pump the kidnapped women with their test drug. Once dead, they toss their victims like garbage, leaving them for the police to find.

During the investigation, McMurray has disturbing nightmares of fighting a mystical wolf, which tells him of his destiny to help their kind, and to find the one–his soulmate–who can help him through this trying time, as he is one of them and destined to be their leader. Remaining in denial of this prophecy, he winds up with many sleepless nights, doing his best to drink the problem away.

The investigation eventually leads McMurray to Rhiannon Drake, a loner and guide for the National Park Service of Aspen–and a werewolf. Their chance encounter leads to heated passions as the spark between them is ignited, knowing they belong together, that they are the true soulmates.

McMurrary starts questioning his sanity when his abilities start to hit him full-force. Rhiannon takes him to Sanctuary, a hospital and reserve for people of their kind. Getting the explanations he needed from Rhiannon’s parents, McMurray still tries to deny he is like them, and shuns everyone, including Rhiannon, who is now with child, which McMurray also vehemently denies. Shocked, hurt, and feeling betrayed, she flees Sanctuary, only to be captured by Gliickman and Chyn, who soon discover Rhiannon’s secret and begin their heinous torture of her.

Will McMurray come to his senses, accept his lineage, and save Rhiannon and their unborn children from the evils of two madmen? Will his love for her be enough to save their crumbling relationship?

I have to admit, I read this book in one sitting, as I had to see how this would end. The criminal investigations themselves were exciting; I felt like I was watching a movie in my head. The love/hate relationship and terse communication between McMurray and Rhiannon during their spat drove me nuts, and I wanted to yell at them to stop acting so ridiculous and just get back together, lol. All turns out well in the end, and the criminals get what they deserve. The love scenes between Sean and Rhi were hot and I was glad to see everything worked out between them. If you like shapeshifter stories, this is a good one to add to your collection! ~~Cinsearae S. (review appeared at http://authorsbyauthors.blogspot.com)

REVIEW: THE KILL CREW, by Joseph D’Lacey


ISBN: 1-60076-141-0

It’s Commuters vs. Stoppers in this eerie-as-hell, zombie-esque, post-apocalyptic short story by Joseph D’Lacey. The story is told by Sheri Foley, former hairdresser turned Stopper, trying to survive with a few hundred people that haven’t succumbed to whatever caused the “Long Silence” and created thousands of Commuters–those with the creepy zombie-like tendencies–which, interestingly enough, are those who worked in the ‘corporate world’. (This alone made me wonder if this was a rather darkly humorous slap-in-the face to the real corporate world itself.)

This story kept me fully engaged. Reading a story like this from Sheri’s POV about what’s going within their compound, and how they psychologically deal with coping, and struggling not to lose hope in a hopeless environment, made me feel like I was right there, listening to them speak. D’Lacey expertly crafts his dialogue, drawing you into the story immediately.

I was also intrigued with his version of the ‘zombies’, as these types weren’t the typical rotted, decaying, ‘risen dead’ we’re so used to, but more like people that simply lost their souls and have become mindless puppets searching for something they know they’ll never obtain, moaning and crying, eager to drag anyone else into their fold. (This reminds me a lot of how people act nowadays, which makes me shudder.) Another eerie aspect was Mother Nature herself, as the Long Silence has also mutated her somehow, and begins to mutate a fellow Stopper in a very scary, parasitic fashion….

This was an excellent read, and I definitely recommend it. I look forward to reading more of D’Lacy’s works. ~~Cinsearae S.


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