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Author photo Cinsearae S.

Ms. Santiago is author of the all-new ABRAXAS series. Editor/Publisher of Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, her Yahoo Group, (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Gratista_Vampires) is an extension of the magazine where other talents of the genre can join, share interests, network, and have the opportunity to be published in her Group’s bi-annual anthologies. She received the Author’s Site of Excellence Award in 2007 from Preditors & Editors, and is the Cover Artist for Damnationbooks.com and individual clients. An avid fan of ‘old school’ horror movies and its villains (Freddy, Jason, Michael, Pinhead, etc.) Halloween is her favorite time of the year. She is a very private person and loves photographing cemeteries or whatever eerie objects catch her eye, listening to a vast array of music, drawing, musing, and spending quiet times in nature, although she is partial to checking out a Goth club/event every now and again. The supernatural, odd, bizarre, gothic and ‘darkly beautiful’  are always an inspiration to her.

The Gratista Vampire Clan was founded by Ms. Santiago in 2004. It is an online group of  writers from across the states and overseas dedicated to bringing the world new voices in the Gothic, Vampiric, and Horror genres. They have published three anthologies to date, which can be found at lulu.com/gratistavampires Writers, artists, readers, and those just interested in the genres mentioned are more than welcome to join.

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One comment

  1. Would it be possible to get a review copy of “Boylen: Tudor Vampire”?

    Ginger Mayerson
    Editor, J LHLS

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