April 7, 2009

“A LOOK INTO THE MIRROR DARKLY” was recently released by the Gratista Vampire Clan Yahoo Group. Topics from this volume include ‘pain’ and ‘suicide’.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Pain. There are many emotions and feelings that encompass that one word. Likewise, those similar emotions and feelings can encompass the fateful act of suicide as well. They can artfully entwine each other, deadly and tragic, inauspicious and ominous, or, simply stand alone–no rhyme or reason to either one.
The Gratista Vampire Clan’s objective here is not to scare anyone with such topics, but to have the reader realize such acts, feelings, and thoughts do exist, and are not to be ignored. In a world that is glossy-coated, superficial, heartless and self-centered, there are still humans out there that feel and bleed, wanting to reach out to someone they can connect with, and have trouble adjusting to this egocentric world that would rather look the other way than come to someone’s aid.
Look past yourself and really SEE the world. There is much, much more to it than the world you create around yourselves.



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