“The ABRAXAS Series”– the next thrill in Dark Vampire Romances

January 21, 2009

There was a sound of glass breaking in the foyer. We all turned to the noise. Edward was the first out of his seat to see what was the matter.
“Edward, get back here!” Ryan said sharply.
Edward had already disappeared. As the rest of us ran after him to see what the hell happened, we heard him shriek. When we got to the foyer, we saw about twenty guys, the last of them crawling into the window, and none other than Natasha having grabbed Edward by his hair, his head pulled back. She drew open a switchblade and mercilessly slit his throat.
I screamed. Blood spurted from his neck like a bad horror movie special effect, and he dropped to the floor with a sickening thud.
“EDWARD!” I was about to run to him, but Ryan caught my arm. Kiera stood frozen in place, her jaw dropped in shock.
“You crazy bitch!” Kurt yelled, thrusting his arms forward. She flew backward, falling on her ass and hitting her head on the doorstop. She was unconscious for the moment.
The guys came towards us, all the warmth draining from me in terror.
These weren’t your typical thugs or hoodlums. These were the exact same guys Edward and I saw pictures of on Natasha’s altar. Damn it, why didn’t I listen to my instincts?! I should have destroyed everything at her house when I had the chance.
What a perfect way for her to do a sneak-attack, since they had no energies for us to sense.
“Shit,” I said. “They’re her zombies.”
“What?!” Kurt shrieked. “Real living-dead? Oh hellll no! I don’t do zombies!” Frantically, he waved his arms around like he was shoving them away from us. In response, the zombies were strewn all across the room by an invisible force, landing on the couch, the floor, or got slammed against the walls.
Ryan stood his ground, staring at them. He was trying to command them to turn on Natasha, but it wasn’t working.
“What in bloody hell is going on?” he said, frustrated.
“They have no vital essence, and no real will except what she commands,” I answered, then looked at the rest of the clan. “We gotta fight them. Hand-to-hand combat, just like Edward taught you guys!”

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